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Macro has over 20 years of international experience delivering helpdesk services to clients. We offer a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year building support service. We are there for you. Literally whenever you need us.

Imagine having a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year building support service. It would be nice, wouldn't it? Perhaps you already have one. If you elect our helpdesk services we can monitor all of your business assets by planning and creating a central repository of all your data. We are there if anything goes wrong. And we are in a position to report on all aspects of your operation, enabling you to make better informed business decisions.

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  • Sasha Memedovic

    Head of FM24, Macro

Why mace?

You have a building issue? No problem.

If you face an issue, our dedicated helpdesk will take ownership and work towards a solution. Available as a standalone – supply chain independent - service or as part of a larger facilities management package, clients can access our helpdesk at any time, day or night, through all standard communication routes, as well as a dedicated self-service web portal.


The helpdesk currently handles around 500,000 requests a year and controls activities on 7,000 properties. We have operators working across two helpdesks, based in the UK and in the Middle East, enabling us to assist clients worldwide.


The helpdesk is used by a number of clients, including news channel ITN, and supports buildings located in India through to North America.

Making best use of technology

Macro has invested significantly over the last eight years in CAFM technology and can set up systems bespoke to your security requirements and can be deployed to support portfolios around the world.

The core functions that Macro utilises from our CAFM systems includes reactive task management, asset/planned maintenance management, management reporting and financial monitoring. More recently we have rolled out other modules as per our and our clients’ needs, including use of mobility for tasks management/asset collection/verification, inventory management and procurement.

“Mace and their facilities management team Macro are good people to work with. They care. They are flexible and passionate about what they do. The partnership is possible because Mace adapts to all its clients and works with us on what we want to achieve.”