Facilities management consultancy

We can help to tailor your premises to better suit your objectives through our array of consultancy services.

Perhaps you are looking to adapt a property to a specific need or role within the global network? Or increase the efficiency of your daily operations? Or simply solve spacing issues?

Well if you are, by drawing on the expertise of our consultancy teams, we can present a cost-effective solution, whether building, rebuilding or refurbishing.

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  • Stuart Baker

    Head of Consultancy, Macro

What we offer

We have an array of services tailored to client needs

At Macro we understand that every client is unique, and effective strategies are only possible when we work alongside clients in a partnering approach.

To achieve all of the objectives we’ve jointly settled on, an effective procurement process is essential. Our consultancy team has significant experience in procuring FM services and we share this with a client’s organisation in order to set the process, draft the necessary documentation and source best-in-the-market suppliers.

Macro is able to offer procurement support to both the private and public sectors and has experience of government compliant procurement and full open-book tendering.

We have detailed knowledge of the many different procurement options including tendering, competitive negotiation and single supplier negotiation, so you can rest assured of getting the best and most intelligent solution.

Notable clients in both the private and public sector include Kent County Council, Royal Mail, Imperial War Museum, Qatar Petroleum, Exeter University, Doha Zoo, Norton Rose, The Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Expedia and Siemens. For these clients, we have provided a range of services including interim management, condition asset surveys, procurement management, strategic reviews, benchmarking, project management and workplace initiatives.

We are happy to apply our experience when it comes to designing a new build or maintain an existing one, and make recommendations in terms of cost, layout, risk and best practice. We can recommend suppliers and manufacturers to assist with the work, advise on strategy and equipment, and monitor or carry out the process - no matter where you are in the world.

So what does this all mean? What does this look like as a service?



Your company premises are just the beginning.

With Macro’s asset management offering, we can help you create a strategy that will maximise the life of your assets. We devise rigorous maintenance regimes, input into building design, create lifecycle cost models, handover and become a crucial part of the implementation. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to help you meet your objectives.


Workplace design can be a key part of supporting employees’ efficiency and performance, and good space planning can help integrate separate departments and even organisations within a business.

By working with Macro’s consultants we can help you make a strategic change. A change that will provide business continuity and maximise both the value and space within your offices. And a change that will provide your employees with tangible and sustainable improvements to their working environment.

Macro Technical Services

Macro offers cost-effective asset management solutions to help maintain your property. Trying to do this yourself, as well as running the core business, can be time-consuming and labour intensive, and a distraction from your main objectives. We work as a partner to your business, handling this side of the premises for you, functioning as either a multi-part or single service model.

Our service delivery proposals can include planned visits (planned preventative maintenance), or simply contact us when you need assistance through our help desk service. Macro operators are fluent in a wide range of languages, catering to an international clientele.

All aspects of maintaining the property are covered, including mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) operations, civil maintenance, facility support services and residential ‘homeserve’ packages. We offer support on anything from basic repairs to cleaning, pest control, energy management and electrical testing. Whatever your needs and however often, we will tailor a package to suit your needs.


Involving FM at the design stage saves companies money and design reviews represent a significant portion of our consultancy work. Macro is often brought in during the design or construction phase of a project to assist with this area of work. This means FM requirements are incorporated early into a project and ensures that many issues can be avoided when a building becomes operational, for example, working out how waste will be collected and where deliveries will be loaded; are materials easily cleaned or will specialist cleaners need to be employed once the building is complete?


Never underestimate the use of a manual.

The creation of comprehensive and focused operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals is essential for a number of business critical reasons. It is about informing the future of buildings, smoothing the transition from construction to operation. We have a dedicated delivery team who specialise in planning, data capture, data review and technical verification. Let us write the handbook for you.

Owners Association Management

Macro offers its services to owners associations of residential, commercial and mixed-used properties. By assisting in the relationship between the owners and the service providers, it takes the pressure away from the residents, preserves the value of the property, and provides a safer, more enjoyable environment for tenants.

Macro can assist through administrative management, taking care of record keeping, organising general assembly and board meetings and ensuring our service delivery complies with legal and health and safety measures. We will also work with you to manage a host of other areas including preparing budgets, service charge invoicing and collection and ensuring adequate building insurance, to overseeing maintenance of the common areas and performing inspections and audits. A cost-effective package will be tailored according to your overall requirements.