Standard Chartered Bank

Raising international banking standards

Mace and our facilities management business, Macro, are helping Standard Chartered Bank develop innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of its workplaces across the world.

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Standard Chartered Bank Project summary


Standard Chartered Bank

Services provided

Operations, Project and programme management, Cost consultancy, Facilities management consultancy, Helpdesk services, Managed services




Middle East and North Africa, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, UK and Europe

Project timeline

Start date

Project story

Standard Chartered, the leading international banking group, has a brand promise - here for good - that guides the company to always be there for their clients and always do the right thing.

It is perhaps this commitment, which echoes Mace's own values, that has led to such a long and successful relationship.

Macro began working with Standard Chartered in 2009 when we were appointed to provide integrated facilities management services at the bank's offices in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Since then our relationship with Standard Chartered has expanded to 42 countries across four continents.

And it is not just Macro that is supporting Standard Chartered's ambitions to drive investment and trade and create wealth across the world. As Macro's parent company, Mace is providing project management services across more than 40 countries, as well as cost consultancy expertise for their retail and commercial projects in those locations.

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Project stats

4 continents
40+ countries
4.2m sq ft of Standard Chartered's office space supported by Macro

Points of note

Providing global services

Macro is now providing FM services to Standard Chartered’s sites in North and South America, the Middle East and Europe. In Africa, Mace is working in partnership with an African FM provider.

Creating more efficient workplaces

We are managing a design production hub facility in South Africa, where our experts are developing and incorporating design solutions in retail branches across Africa and the Middle East that make the workplaces more efficient. 

Comprehensive FM provision

Macro is providing Standard Chartered's sites with a full FM service, as well as finance and procurement management. It is also delivering a 24/7 helpdesk and computer-aided FM service through its own helpdesk business, fm24. In addition, Macro is monitoring energy savings to support the bank’s ambitions to be more sustainable.

Expert technical support

Macro also provides technical services to Standard Chartered, including the maintenance of mechanical, electrical and public health, and undertakes specialist repair and refurbishments works. It also manages specialist vendors, and assists with audits and third-party testing.

“The depth and breadth of our ongoing relationship is truly unique and showcases Macro’s ability to move with a client, anywhere in the world, even if this means moving into new territories.”

“We are very proud to be extending and expanding our long standing relationship with Mace Macro, a relationship that extends into new markets and territories, deep in challenges but abundant in opportunities.”