Mace Board

Dennis Hone

Group Finance Director

Group Board tenure: 4 years

Dennis joined Mace in 2014 from the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) where he had been Chief Executive since 2012. Prior to LLDC, Dennis was Director of Finance and Corporate Services, and then Chief Executive at the Olympic Delivery Authority, where he was involved with the development and then delivery of the London 2012 Olympic Games. He has worked in urban regeneration for nearly 30 years.

What skills and experience do you bring to your role on the Mace Board?

As I only joined the company within the last few years, I can bring a fresh perspective to the Board. And having so recently been the CEO of a major programme before joining Mace, I appreciate the stakeholder demands on a client and the delivery, advice and expertise our clients are looking for from Mace.

My previous experience includes working on some of the UK's largest regeneration schemes, including the expansion of Milton Keynes and Canary Wharf in London, where my roles have included the management of IT, HR, legal, risk and audit, and finance functions. It's given me the broad experience and expertise to oversee these functions within Mace and provide advice created from experience to the Group Board.

How have you seen the company develop during your time here?

Well, in the last two years I have seen the company's turnover continue to grow rapidly, particularly in our construction business. In the coming years I'd like to see that growth become somewhat more controlled and steady.

I've also seen us think about how we offer overall solutions, and to articulate ourselves in terms of what clients want with less emphasis on how we are internally structured. I really believe that in the future clients will simply want the best team of experts irrespective of whether they have a consultancy or construction background and will look more holistically at whole life costs, well-being of employees and the community impacts of construction. Clients are likely to expect that their consultants, contractors and partners will have a track record of being a socially responsible business and this will be a factor in winning work.

We have also made substantial investments in our corporate systems and processes, and staff training that mean we will be more efficient as we continue to grow and are able to continue to invest in our people.

What’s your proudest moment?
Nothing beats sitting at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, thinking of the amazing achievement of the ODA and its delivery partners in delivering the Olympic Park, including world-beating international sporting venues, media centres and the athletes’ village, on time and under budget.
Where would you like to see Mace in five years' time?

I'd like us to continue to have a fantastic reputation in the market for delivery of our projects and assignments to clients' specifications and expectations. This will mean employing the very best people and delivering a truly excellent and innovative service to clients.

I think we should seek to increase the amount of work we do in national infrastructure, where we have already established ourselves as a major player and be in a position to be increasingly selective in the types of projects that we undertake, alongside controlled growth and improved profit margins. Improving our margins will mean that we have more cash available for our highly successful development business to invest.

What are you passionate about outside of Mace?

As a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur I've developed a thick skin and am paying particular attention to the work we're doing to build their new stadium. More broadly, I actually love pretty much all sports and watch them as much as I can - so my previous role at the London 2012 Olympics was made for me.

I also enjoy travel, a pint of beer (or three) or a good bottle of red wine, and going to the theatre which I do regularly.

“Nothing beats sitting at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, thinking of the amazing achievement of the ODA and its delivery partners in delivering the Olympic Park.”