We are clear that it is our social responsibility to help communities in the areas that we work.

By developing landscapes across the world we have a unique perspective of the needs of different communities. So whether we are regenerating parts of a city or building new local amenities, on every project we consider possibilities like community involvement and social inclusion.

A dedicated team

We have a community engagement team who actively work in liaison with communities; identifying opportunities and organising ways in which we can serve local people.

From residents to schools to charities and businesses, the team endeavour to support anyone and everyone within close proximity to our projects and act as dedicated points of contact in relation to any Mace project work.

Working together

We appreciate that our work can sometimes be disruptive to people's lives. So that we keep any inconvenience to a minimum, we work closely with communities to keep them informed of the works programme and discuss ways in which we can do things better.

Giving back

To go a step further in developing communities, we actively seek opportunities to help charities, small businesses and facilities that form the foundations of any community.

From redecorating small charity centres to educating local school children about construction, we use our skills, knowledge and expertise to bring about positive opportunities through our work.