A business built on client relationships

Service excellence

Since Mace was founded we have been clear in our goal to always find a better way and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our people are renowned throughout the industry for always going the extra mile for our clients; using their passion to bring new, innovative and sustainable ideas to the table and having the insight and commitment to see them through.

As we have grown, we have remained true to our original vision. We see ourselves as our clients’ partner; challenging the status quo and always looking for ways to be smarter, leaner and more cost-effective.

Client relationships

We are proud that so many of our relationships go as far back as when we were founded. We invest considerable time in understanding our clients’ ambitions and needs, so forging long-term relationships is always our aim.

The relationships we have with our clients are incredibly valuable to us. Through new and repeat business, our clients have given us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, deliver better solutions to their challenges and, in turn, develop our business.

Building new relationships, particularly outside of the UK, has pushed us to adapt our approach and methods to different markets; taking time to understand our clients’ unique needs and customs.

We feel honoured to work with so many global brands and to have developed some of the most iconic buildings in the world. From London to Hong Kong, New York to Dubai, and dozens of cities and communities in between, we are helping clients develop and build facilities that meet their needs now and in the future.

Our mission, in every region that we work in, is to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients and our supply chain.

Our commitment to all of our clients

We appreciate the trust our clients put in us. In response, every decision we make is rooted in what best meets their needs.

Our clients are as far-reaching and diverse as our expertise so we never provide an out-of-the-box answer to a challenge. Instead, we develop a bespoke solution, ensure our right people are involved throughout the project, and give our clients control and visibility every step of the way.

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