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A responsible business

Mace is proud to champion responsible business behaviours, with a dedication to the future at the heart of every service we offer. Whether controlling our carbon footprint, investing in responsibly sourced materials or creating social value for our clients, our people continue to champion industry best practice.

We are proud to be a responsible business ensuring that shared value is a culture that spans the company. This approach is shared with our partners and delivered throughout each Mace project and programme. Our mission is to shape cities and build sustainable communities. We always strive to leave behind a positive legacy that outlives our own work.

In 2016, our focus on remaining an industry leader in sustainability saw us continue to raise the bar. We achieved 5 star audits from the British Safety Council and three Globes of Honour, improved biodiversity on our sites by 23% through on- and off-site measures, maintained our commitment to buy 100% renewable energy, and further reduced our carbon footprint. Our 5 star rating was confirmed for the fifth year by Achilles Building Confidence and around 50% of our eligible projects received Considerate Constructors Scheme awards.

Our people continue to deliver vast cost and carbon savings to our projects via the Mace Energy Hub. What’s more, with 99.9% of our timber sourced responsibly, WWF-UK awarded Mace the highest rating of 128 firms for sustainable forest management.

Together, we are making sure the company is at the forefront of sustainable measures, delivering leading best practices and progressing industry wide adoption of sustainability.

Corporate responsibility achievements

With market-leading sustainability performance and environmental issues a priority concern, we have reduced our direct carbon emissions by around 70% since 2012. We have also won a number of industry awards in sustainability, from clients and industry bodies including Hammerson, British Land, Construction News, WWF and Heathrow Airport – and have secured improved client ratings for sustainability underlining our dedication to the cause and our vow to be a responsible business.

A key aspect of our programme of work is to actively engage with leading third sector and industry bodies. This network provides us with access to innovation, emerging best practice and allows us to share knowledge with wider industry stakeholders.

Mace has established itself as a responsible business. Our goal is to further strengthen our position and deliver the bold commitments of our 2022 responsible business strategy.

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